Noémie Huttner-Koros (WA)
Resident Artists/
15 July - 29 September 2019

Noémie Huttner-Koros (WA)

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE | July - September

Led by emerging performance-maker and interdisciplinary artist Noemie Huttner-Koros, the Trouble Makers brings together Western Australian artists from a diversity of artistic disciplines, to explore questions of community and solidarity against a backdrop of eco-anxiety driven by climate change. The Trouble Makers ask the question of how we can create community and build hope in such a moment, using performance to create a community-minded space that embraces spontaneity, participation, and constant change.
Grounded in research areas concerning the Anthropocene, decolonisation and performance in an age of climate change, Huttner-Koros and collaborators will examine the barriers that prevent people engaging with one another and locating the informal places where community spirit can flourish, such as barbecues, parades, comedy shows, and performance. At this critical juncture of planetary and human history, The Trouble Makers seeks to reframe our survival from an individual perspective to collective modes of existing and organising.

Noemie Huttner-Koros is an emerging performance-maker, interdisciplinary artist and writer, and a recent graduate of WAAPA’s Performance Making course. She is also a co-founder of KAN Collective.
The Trouble Makers investigates how community can arise in the climate crisis we exist in. Occurring at the intersection of theatre, participatory live art and open-mic night, performers and audiences physically and artistically construct a space: a world, a playground, a landscape to play in.

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