Pauline Sookloll
Resident Artists/
14 July - 31 August 2014

Pauline Sookloll

Artist In Residence | 14 July - 31 August, 2014

Serial Revelries
Sookloll’s current work involves visual plays and abstract investigations which explore relationships in between lines, materials, shapes and forms within space. This work is pure visual play without an initial subject other than lines and the materials themselves. The creative inspiration and making process is an innately intuitive investigation of different figurations, compositions and possibilities. All aspects of display are components in a network of associative meaning.
Sookloll is interested in the development of an innate and systematic response to a medium through her work to create characters in a language of subliminal aesthetics. This practice is underpinned by an intrinsic sense of order and revelry, an implicit rhythmic and dynamic tension.
Serial Revelries studio residency is an exploration in a range of mediums including acrylic, steel, cement and paper based works. Sookloll is interested investigating the use of time-lapse photography in the documentation of installations which have a particular focus on the play between lines, space and form.

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