RECKLESS ACTS | Ecosexual Bathhouse
24 - 28 January 2017

RECKLESS ACTS | Ecosexual Bathhouse

Pony Express | 24 - 28 January

Step into the Bathhouse and let the environment be your lover.
Perth-based artist collective Pony Express offer up an immersive cave of wonder with a variety of eco-erotic experiences. Experiment with pollination, unwind in the sauna or be guided by a bathhouse regular toward your own organic awakening. Catering to all – from the mildly bio-curious to the environmentally experienced – this is an invitation to embrace the earth and give in to your budding naturist.
Ecosexual Bathhouse is an immersive experience inviting you to leave the urban wasteland behind and open yourself up to an intimate encounter with the biosphere. The six awe-inspiring spaces of the bathhouse invite us to reconsider the relationship between humans and nature: because if we can learn to the love the Earth, then maybe we can save it.

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