Robbie Karmel
Resident Artists/
23 January - 08 April 2012

Robbie Karmel

Artist in Residence | 23 January – 8 April

During his residency at PICA, Robbie Karmel will extend his inquiries into drawing on non-flat surfaces and working with static and animated projection as a means of informing drawing. Karmel will also develop his traditional drawing skills in an effort to apply conventional means of representational drawing to contemporary, non-traditional processes and outputs.

Engaging with the space of the studio, Karmel will extend his drawings into roof corners and spaces as well as into external, public spaces, creating a sustained drawing project. He will construct works using tiled sheets of paper and, as the space reaches capacity, panels of tiled paper will be replaced or reapplied directly over the top of works. In removing the drawings from their original spaces and separating the segments they lose their photographic and mimetic qualities, remaining as detritus or artefact.
With his project, Karmel continues to share inquiries with other visual artists working within means of representation and expression that involve experimental use of space, surface, spatial awareness and techniques such as blind drawing and projections.

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