School Workshops | Constructing Clothing as Art
11 - 28 October 2016

School Workshops | Constructing Clothing as Art

11-28 October | Ages: Primary - Secondary

In a half-day workshop, artist and designer Emma Buswell, will work with students to create personal art pieces inspired by The Curtain Breathed Deeply: Justene Williams. Students will learn about fabric manipulation and construction techniques by    transforming pre-owned clothing  into a work of wearable art.
This workshop will develop capabilities in fashion as art – clothing and sewing, as well as critical & creative thinking, ideas around art and design, recycling and sustainability.
Education Links include: The Arts – Visual Arts, Design – Design & Technologies; Technologies – Materials Design & Technology.
Please note: Bring one or two items of clothing (eg. a t-shirt, shorts, skirt, pants, jumper or hat) to transform into wearable art.

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