Seeking basic needs and other tales of excess
27 January - 17 February 2018

Seeking basic needs and other tales of excess

by Renée Newman with Ben Collins| 27 January – 17 February 2018

The streets are your stage.
Take a pathway across Northbridge with a set of headphones and an open mind in this opera for one. Listen in as an original soundscape unfolds with stories of migration and patterns of human behaviour. Hear world-wide tales of struggle, joy and hope as the city comes alive in this immersive sonic storytelling experience.
Created by Perth-based Renée Newman, and made in collaboration with sound designer Ben Collins, Seeking basic needs and other tales of excess is a new Western Australian work and a world premiere exploring the form of the audio tour.

Borrowing from Francis Alÿs’s notion that walking is “with the speed culture of our time – a kind of resistance…a very immediate method for unfolding stories”, it strips back what we need – to live and love – by asking you to slow down. See the world as a moving picture, the streets your stage and the people your actors.
A meditation on hope, this mindful solo encounter in public space embraces how we are always moving, shifting, changing.
Presented for FRINGE WORLD Festival 2018
Creative team
Conceived, Written & Directed by
Renée Newman
Composition & Sound Design: Ben Collins
Dramaturgs: Steve Bull & Marcella Polain
Cultural Advisor: Ian Wilkes

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