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Dr. Rea Saunders, Dr. Kate McMillan, Eugenia Lim, Dr. Francis Russell

Shifting Terrain

Shifting Terrain

An online professional development forum for emerging artists. 
Three diverse artists will speak about the trajectory of their own careers, focusing on how they navigated the arts world after graduating from university.
Brisbane-based Dr. Rea Saunders, Melbourne-based Eugenia Lim and London-based Dr. Kate McMillan will share their experiences and how they developed their studio practice in a challenging and constantly shifting contemporary art environment. Programmed to coincide with the Hatched: National Graduate Show 2020, the forum will include topics such as funding an art practice, the gallery and museum system, the relationship between academia and professional practice and how to identify and consolidate your own position as a contemporary artist, this forum will be an invaluable learning opportunity for all emerging artists.
This forum will also address the urgent challenges of committing to a career as a contemporary artist in an increasingly fractured world where issues such as the winding back of travel as a research experience, social and geographical isolation, and access to materials and resources all need to be negotiated.
With current limits on travel and direct, face-to-face engagement with audiences, how should emerging artists position themselves online or invest in new technologies? Or is the recent paradigm shift imposed by COVID-19 an opportunity to invest more in the regional and local, allowing arts practices to return to encouraging arts practices to focus on the communities and environments closer to home’.
Event facilitated by Dr. Francis Russell.
This forum has a limited capacity, so make sure you book early!