Somatic Drifts
02 - 06 August 2016

Somatic Drifts

Cat Jones | 2 - 6 August, 2016

Somatic Drifts is a sensory experience and accumulative video installation that explores human and species empathy. Through a live, one on one, shamanic mediation participants experience the bodies of other entities, through illusion and touch.
The participants recorded bodies, along with their diverse internal narratives, are donated to accumulate in a multi-screen video installation. Here they continue to travel beyond their own bodies and communicate across time, space, culture and consciousness.
These transgressions between internal and external landscapes enable the participant and the viewer to ask: What realm does the human exist within? How far can we drift? What can this drift enable us to change?
The project has been informed by Jones’ research into the neuroscience of body illusions including tactility, peri-personal space, body ownership, body agency and empathy; human-plant relationships; plant signaling science; olfaction; female histories of cultural intervention and science authorship; and spiritual philosophy and traditions.
For Radical Ecologies Jones has created a complex olfactory landscape of ecological elements and species in a limited edition scent of 30 available for purchase.
Bookings for the live experience are limited and registrations are essential.

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