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Marco Fusinato

Spectral Arrows

Spectral Arrows

Marco Fusinato is an artist and musician whose exhibition LOWER POWER will be displayed at PICA from 10 February until 21 April 2019. Alongside the exhibition, Fusinato will perform Spectral Arrows

Spectral Arrows is an ongoing series of improvised long-duration performances for guitar and mass amplification. First performed at Glasgow International (2012), this monumental aural sculpture has since been performed in museums and theatres worldwide. At PICA, the performance will take place in the First Floor Gallery amongst Fusinato’s artworks.

As a musician, Fusinato explores the idea of noise as music, using the electric guitar and mass amplification to improvise intricate, wide-ranging and physically affecting frequencies.

Fusinato’s work has been included in ‘Soundings: A Contemporary Score’, the first ever exhibition of sound at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2013, and ‘Sonic Youth: Sensational Fix’ (2008-2010), a travelling exhibition around European museums of artists that have collaborated with the NYC rock band, Sonic Youth. Fusinato also performs regularly in the experimental music world, releasing many music related artefacts on numerous international labels. 

Presented in association with Perth Festival.