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Always was, always will be.

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This is not personal

This is not personal
Presented by PICA as part of FRINGE WORLD 2020
Have you ever been tempted to tell the checkout-chick your life story? Wish you had a ‘do not disturb’ sign for your work desk? Are you being pestered about not seeming yourself lately? Ever been asked “R U OK” and didn’t know how to respond?
This is not personal invites you to create a personalised set of sign-cards to assist in times of difficulty. Led by WA artist Jen Jamieson, this intimate workshop performance invites a small group to share an hour together and develop responses to the challenges of life when your mental health is not helping you socialise.
Pairing personal reflection with social interaction and design aesthetics with the hand-made, This is not personal is an invitation to foster new ways of wellbeing and break down the barriers in talking about mental health.
Initial concept developed at KISS club 2019 with PICA and pvi collective.

Jen Jamieson is a live artist. She investigates intimacy and the blur between audience and artist. She has created one-on-one performances: How To Have A 3 Minute Shower, and Let’s Make Love. Her favourite work is We Will Build Our Own Mountain, with Mish Grigor, where she built a mountain from ice, climbed it, and waited for it to melt.