Until It Runs Out
14 December 2019

Until It Runs Out

Saturday 14 December | 3pm... until it runs out

Running on the Smell of an Oily Rag borrows from the commonly used Australian idiom which suggests a frugality of resources, money and fuel. To run on the smell of an oily rag here, is instead to contemplate burning out, but also burn outs, self care, but also self preservation through performed actions, shared oral histories and remote control cars.
… is the open studio brought to you by resident artist Grace Connors. Join us as she pulls up the roller-door,  gives us a look under the bonnet, and transports us track-side.
What does it mean to overcome the exhaust of day to day life? Is it possible to imagine a future where we are no longer tired?
At Until It Runs Out Grace leads us through her journey of moving beyond surviving on nothing more than the smell of an oily rag with the role of community and a swig of warm beer.

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