XR Hackathon 2022
27 August - 04 September 2022

XR Hackathon 2022

Co-hosted by Immerse Australia and Voyant AR

Held over two weekends at PICA, artists selected from our XR Bootcamp & Hackathon callout will gain hands-on experience and assistance to develop a new XR (extended reality) project. Working in small teams with a technical artist/animator and 3D developer, the Hackathon will provide artists with practical experience in the XR development process including technical setup, software/hardware requirements, rapid prototyping and workflow to create a functional prototype.

The projects developed throughout the Hackathon will be displayed in PICA’s Reading Room at our XR Hackathon Showcase as part of XR:WA Festival.

Hackathon participants will be paid a daily stipend of $350 (a total of $1,750, including 1 day of support and assistance outside Hackathon dates) and provided with expert production and technical support.

The XR Hackathon runs 27 & 28 August and 3 & 4 September.

Applications for PICA’s Hackathon program are now closed.
Follow the link to read more about the selected artists.

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