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Always was, always will be.

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Yonder Forum: Off the Map

Yonder Forum: Off the Map

Off the Map is a panel discussion reflecting on questions of mobility and visibility for artists living away from the art world’s major trade routes. The speakers will consider the pragmatic concerns associated with the more philosophical desire that artists have always had to know ‘what’s over there’, whilst also exploring the visual languages, histories and professional strategies evolving in the broader region in response to the increasingly globalised nature of the art world.

Susanna Castleden will present an update on her preparations for a journey to the Bahamas and consider the kinds of visual languages and understandings that are being produced as she anticipates travelling to literally the other side of the world.

Isabel Ching will offer a personal account of how the art world in South East Asia is changing in response to shifting global market forces – arguing that the rise of critical perspectives across the world is being fuelled by the art histories that are emerging in our region.

John Mateer will consider the aspirational and idiomatic qualities inherent in the tension between the international visual languages and local histories present in many artists’ practices today.

Jasmin Stephens will give a brief account of the development of Yonder and the way in which its structure and the works selected for the exhibition could prompt discussion about questions of professional practice.