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Out of Bounds

PICA Out of Bounds_High Res_Miles Noel Photography (34 of 138)

Tom Blake, 2022, installation view, Out of Bounds, 2022, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA), photo: Miles Noel.

PICA Out of Bounds_High Res_Miles Noel Photography (71 of 138)

Pascale Giorgi, 2022, installation view, Out of Bounds, 2022, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA), photo: Miles Noel.


Luisa Hansal & Tamara Marrington, 2022, installation view, Out of Bounds, 2022, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA), photo: Guy Louden.

PICA Out of Bounds_High Res_Miles Noel Photography (45 of 138)

Imogen Kotsoglo, 2022, installation view, Out of Bounds, 2022, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA), photo: Miles Noel.

PICA Out of Bounds_High Res_Miles Noel Photography (94 of 138)

Pip Lewi, 2022, installation view, Out of Bounds, 2022, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA), photo: Miles Noel.

PICA Out of Bounds_High Res_Miles Noel Photography (116 of 138)

Leonie Ngahuia Mansbridge, 2022, installation view, Out of Bounds, 2022, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA), photo: Miles Noel.

PICA Out of Bounds_High Res_Miles Noel Photography (52 of 138)

Joana Partyka, 2022, installation view, Out of Bounds, 2022, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA), photo: Miles Noel.

PICA Out of Bounds_High Res_Miles Noel Photography (132 of 138)

Tyrown Waigana, 2022, installation view, Out of Bounds, 2022, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA), photo: Miles Noel.

For much of the past two years – from April 2020 to March 2022 – Western Australia was closed to the rest of the country, and the world. Restricted by geography, the artists in Out of Bounds turned to their immediate surroundings for inspiration.

Bringing together new work across painting, drawing, ceramics, video and sculpture by nine artists and collaboratives from Boorloo/Perth, Out of Bounds explores the multitude of ways in which the exhibiting artists, unable to expand their horizons beyond state borders, have nonetheless pushed the limits of their own arts practice during this time, resulting in a collection of works that ooze, layer, bleed and blur.

Out of Bounds ventures beyond set limits, embracing a loosening of, or rebellion against, restraints. 

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Tom Blake | Pascale Giorgi | Luisa Hansal & Tamara Marrington | Imogen Kotsoglo | Pip Lewi | Leonie Ngahuia Mansbridge | Joana Partyka | Tyrown Waigana

The works in Out of Bounds were available to purchase at Salon Vernissage 2022.

About the Artists

Tom Blake

Tom Blake’s solo and collaborative practice draws on fragmented moments, looped imagery and recurring motifs as potential sites for contemplating the architectural, psychological, and technological frameworks that surround us. Drawing and video are starting points for many of this Boorloo/Perth-born and now Gadigal Country/Sydney-based artist’s works, with gestures, notations and forms often repeating across different mediums as they become increasingly fragmented.

Blake’s work has been presented nationally and internationally, including Artspace, KNULP, Firstdraft, SPRING1883 and Carriageworks (all Sydney); IMA (Brisbane); the Art Gallery of Western Australia and Fremantle Biennale (Perth); and the Antarctic Pavilion (Venice, Italy). Blake has undertaken residencies with Fremantle Arts Centre (FAC), Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA), North Metro TAFE (all Perth); Tenjinyama Art Studio (Sapporo, Japan); MAM Chiloé (Los Lagos, Chile); and Parramatta Artists’ Studios (Sydney). Blake was a finalist in the FAC Print Award, Blake Prize, Dobell Drawing Prize and awarded a Clitheroe Foundation Emerging Artist Mentorship. In 2021, A.P.E published BAUXIDE, an artist book by Blake and Dominique Chen, commissioned as part of the Lost Rocks (2017–21) series.  

Tom Blake is represented by N.Smith gallery in Sydney. 

Pascale Giorgi

Walyalup/Fremantle-based artist Pascale Giorgi’s wide-ranging practice often draws on her cultural heritage as an Italo-Australian, employing playfulness and humour to subvert well-known symbols and expressions of classical Italian culture. The question of authenticity and the construction and representation of cultural identity, history, and belonging are central elements in Giorgi’s work for Out of Bounds.  

A graduate of Curtin University (2015) and a Hatched alumnus (PICA, Perth, 2016), Giorgi’s recent exhibitions include Putting on Clown Makeup, Goolugatup Heathcote (Perth, 2022); Cloisterfuck (with Guy Louden), Private Island (Perth, 2021); Sculpture by the Sea (Cottesloe, 2021); It’s okay baby you’ll be reborn, Cool Change Gallery (Perth, 2019); AGRIFUTURA, in collaboration with Benedetta Mori, Spazio Lum (Lucca, Italy, 2019); Il Venere Trasforma, developed with Italian sound artist Simone Grande, RONZII Fuco Contemporary (Pisa, Italy, 2019).  Giorgi was awarded the main prize, Melville Contemporary, 2021, and in the same year was a finalist in the FAC Print Award. 

Luisa Hansal & Tamara Marrington

 Luisa Hansal and Tamara Marrington’s creative and personal relationship was formed when the two lived together in a sharehouse in Melbourne. Living together, exhibiting together and painting side-by-side led naturally to a collaboration, begun during lockdowns when Luisa had returned to Perth and Tamara stayed in Melbourne. Their collaboratively-formed paintings are an homage to friendship, to the invisible and unspoken strings of connection and affection that draw two people together and keep them in each other’s orbit across distance and time.  

Tamara Marrington completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drawing and Printmaking) at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2018. In 2017 she was awarded the Stuart Black Memorial Scholarship and the year after was shortlisted for the Majlis Travelling Scholarship. Since graduating, she has shown in solo and group exhibitions in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. In 2021 she was artist-in-residence at Fremantle Arts Centre, concluding with an off-site solo exhibition. Most recently she has been included in group exhibitions at Seventh Gallery (VIC) and Nod Space (WA). Upcoming projects include a solo exhibition at CASPA Gallery (VIC) in 2022. 

Luisa Hansal completed her Master of Fine Art (High Distinction) at RMIT University and was awarded the Lowensteins Arts Management Graduate Prize in 2017. In 2012 she graduated from Edith Cowan University and was awarded a placement in the Hatched: National Graduate Show, PICA. Hansal has undertaken residencies at the Edith Cowan University Printmaking studio, PICA, and in Berlin. She has exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Tasmania and Berlin. Hansal is the co-founder/co-director of artist-run space; Pig Melon and founding member of S.o.B (Studios on Bulwer) a shared creative working space where she currently resides. Luisa Hansal is represented by sweet pea. 

Imogen Kotsoglo

Imogen Kotsoglo’s illustrations seek to capture and explore our relationship with the natural world. Kotsoglo looks to plants conventionally considered as ‘weeds’ – a pejorative term for any plant growing where it is not wanted; plants that are often overlooked, forgotten and ‘out of place’ – to question the human-centred way of thinking and bestowing value on the natural world. Since 2019 and until recently, Kotsoglo has been living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her new body of work, MATTER, focuses on plant species simultaneously native to Scotland and introduced to Australia, depicting delicate yet thriving/flourishing ecosystems that occupy a tense dual position as invasive weeds that are yet completely naturalised to their current environment. 

Since graduating from Fine Arts at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2015, Imogen Kotsoglo has completed arts residencies at Cairngorms National Park (UK), NES (Skagaströnd) and SÍM (Reykjavík) (both Iceland). She has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally as part of group and solo exhibitions, including The Substation (Newport, Victoria), Sim Gallery (Reykjavík, Finland), B Galleria (Turku, Finland), The Drill Hall (Edinburgh), SSA (Scottish Borders, UK), Seventh Gallery (Melbourne), Cool Change Contemporary (Perth), and Kolbusz Space (Perth). Her work is currently held in private collections around the world. 

Pip Lewi

Pip Lewi identifies with the flâneur, meaning ‘stroller’ or ‘loafer’ in French, and used by the 19th century French poet Charles Baudelaire to describe an observer of modern urban life. Lewi’s paintings and drawings document the artist’s explorations of the city, their observations of specific and familiar places and the small/incidental, undramatic details/scenes that often go unnoticed.   

Lewi’s solo exhibition An Ode to Transperth was exhibited in 2022 at Goolugatup Heathcote along with Road Repairs, a collaborative exhibition with Paul Sutherland. In 2021, Lewi produced what washes up, an interactive and ambient solo exhibition for Perth Festival, and facilitated its accompanying public walking tour ‘we could walk together if you want’. They also exhibited their third solo show at Spectrum Project Space, were awarded Highly Commended in the Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award and worked on NEW TIDES – a community arts project for the 2021 Fremantle Biennale. They have previously shown work at various local galleries including Cool Change Contemporary, Pig Melon, Paper Mountain, City Arts Space, Smart Casual, Moores Building and AGWA. 

Leonie Ngahuia Mansbridge

Māori artist (Ngāti Maniapoto) Leonie Ngahuia Mansbridge combines her painting and sculptural practice with her collection of found objects to explore the relationship between landscape and identity. Using her collection of gold gilt frames, themselves a symbol of power, colonisation and money, to frame her colourful and abstract paintings of landscapes, Mansbridge consciously repositions the way viewers experience her work, disrupting expectations of representative landscapes named and owned by colonisers. In her work, she centres indigenous experiences of deeply spiritual connections to the land, waters and mountains. Instead of looking upon the land, framed by a Western viewpoint, Mansbridge invites viewers to consider the deep mutual relationships Māori and other First Nations people experience with their country.  

Leonie Ngahuia Mansbridge has exhibited consistently for more than twenty years in Australia and New Zealand. In 2018, she completed a Creative Doctorate, Masters of Arts (Visual Arts), with distinction from Curtin University. She has received a number of awards, including finalist in the Joondalup community Invitation Art Awards, and has presented papers in New Zealand, Canada and Australia. Mansbridge has been invited to exhibit in the Bangladesh Biennale. 

Joana Partyka

Ceramicist Joana Partyka’s experimental vessels are the basis of a material exploration of minerals sourced from Western Australia. In using these precious and finite materials, Partyka draws attention to the reliance of the state on this mineral wealth, and the environmental damage caused by the extractive processes to source them. Through the use of iron ore, gold, alumina, petroleum, and base metals (copper and zinc), minerals all heavily exported by WA in recent years, mixed with clay, Partyka channels her emotions of anger, despair and fury towards recent governmental policies and behaviours, particularly around the lack of action taken to lessen climate change. However, she also implicates herself in this system, as her own practice also relies heavily on these resources. 

Joana Partyka has a Bachelor of Science (Ocean Science and Technology) from Edith Cowan University and a Graduate Diploma in Journalism from Curtin University. She has exhibited widely around Australia, with recent solo exhibitions at Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, and Kolbusz Space, Perth, (both 2021). Recent group exhibitions include Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne, 2022; Modern Times, Melbourne, 2021; Kolbusz Space, Perth, 2021; and Midland Junction Arts Centre, Perth, 2021. 

Tyrown Waigana

Wardandi and Saibai Islander artist Tyrown Waigana is inspired by the large and small events/generic and cliché situations that play out in his everyday life. Waigana’s work takes many forms, including painting, drawing, sculpture, animation, and comic books. His diverse practice is marked by a trademark wit and humour that often finds expression in the titles of his works.  

As an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander graphic designer, Waigana’s clients have included Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia, Australian National University, First Nations Justice Campaign and many more. In 2020, Waigana won the 2020 NAIDOC poster competition. Most recently, Waigana’s artwork has been featured at the Art Gallery of Western Australia and Fremantle Art Centre. In 2020, Waigana published his first comic book, The Rest Of Your Lifes Gonna Be Shit