2022.10.29 Las Hormigas Performance-20

Pilar Mata Dupont, Las Hormigas Performance, 2022, photo: Nicolee Fox

AJC-Alluvial Gold Reilly-0093

Louise Devenish, Alluvial Gold, 2022. photo: Edify Media

2022.10.01.OCT_Boojamulling Konk Walter.hi-res-39

Boojamulling Birdwatching, 2022, photo: Cole Baxter

As a not-for-profit cultural organisation, PICA belongs to all Western Australians as a source of inspiration, a gathering place, and an incubator for the art and ideas of today. 

We believe that contemporary artists are the trailblazers, innovators and change-makers that give us a glimpse of what is possible. In acknowledgement of this, we work hard to make contemporary arts experiences accessible and engaging to diverse communities, while championing radical new art practices and embracing challenging subject matter that fosters awareness and understanding.

To do all of this, we need the support of individuals like you who share our values, our sense of adventure and our desire to create career-defining moments for artists and life-enhancing experiences for audiences.

When you donate to PICA you are putting your love of art and artists, and your belief in their positive impact on people and communities, into action. Becoming a PICA Donor is a simple yet powerful way to express your love of contemporary art and keep PICA free for everyone.

Put your feelings into action and help us define how contemporary arts are created, supported, experienced and valued. Gifts of every size make a difference and any amount over $2 is tax-deductible. 

Donor Program

Under $1,000

Instant Philanthropy

Put simply, philanthropy means “love of humanity”. If you believe art benefits us all and should be freely available to everyone, give what you can and become an Instant Philanthropist.

Every dollar makes a difference and any amount over $2 is tax deductable.

Donors who give $200 or more are acknowledged on the PICA website and receive invitations to select supporter events.

Over $1,000

Annual Giving

Join PICA’s award winning annual giving program as an ART1000 Donor ($1,250), Art Ambassador ($2,500), or Director’s Circle Donor ($5,500). Direct your donation to one of our vital program areas, see the outcomes of your support at exclusive events and be kept up to date on your impact.

  • Making – Give artists the time and space to make work, develop their practice, and prepare for future presentations
  • Seeing – Give artists the platform to showcase their work and audiences the opportunity to see leading contemporary art, right here in Perth
  • Being – Give artists and audiences of all ages and abilities the skills and resources to be their best creative selves

Over $10,000

Commissioning Fund

Multi-year investments in our Commissioning Fund enable us to commit to long-range engagement with artists, and nurture them every step of the way – from first concept to final presentation.

Through this critical support, artists are able to take the next big leap in their practice and bring their most ambitious ideas to life.

Art Commissioners donate $10,000 or more per year over three years and closely follow their supported projects, forming personal connections with commissioned artists. For further information or to pledge your support, please contact our Philanthropy Manager a or on (08) 9228 6306.


PICA Salon Vernissage is a Gala like no other – a unique celebration of contemporary art, music, food, drink and fashion. Held annually since 2009 as way to thank and acknowledge PICA’s vital supporters, the Salon Vernissage always evokes a sense of wonder and surprise, while offering opportunities for guests to either begin or grow their art collections. This exclusive and much anticipated celebration has developed a reputation for being one of the most sophisticated events on the Perth arts calendar, with highly sought-after tickets only available to ART1000 Donors and above.

The annual PICA Salon is a contemporary reworking of the traditional Salon, the official exhibition of the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris that showed the works of the preeminent painters of the day. Vernissage is the French term for “varnishing”, and while it originally derived from the habit of artists vanishing their paintings the day before an exhibition opening, it has come to signify the private preview before an exhibition opens to the public. Works are for sale on the night of PICA Salon Vernissage, with the majority of sale proceeds returning directly to the artists and a portion benefiting the ongoing work of PICA.

Current Donors

Judy Wheeler Comission

  • Simpson Family


  • Griselda Hitchcock, Estate of Shelagh Wakely, artist
  • Dr. Harold Schenberg


  • Bux Charitable Foundation
  • Minderoo Foundation
  • The Tony and Gwenyth Lennon Charitable Foundation
  • Ungar Family Foundation


  • Marco D’Orsogna and Terry Scott
  • Theo and Sia Kailis
  • Darryl Mack and Helen Taylor Mack
  • David and Jenny Martin
  • Ungar Family Foundation

Director’s Circle

  • Mark Clapham and Dr. Andrew Mulcahy
  • Frédéric and Capucine Flipo
  • ISPT
  • Dr. Thomas R. Simpson
  • Steve Cartledge Consulting Pty Ltd
  • Wesfarmers

Art Ambassadors

  • Zelinda Bafile
  • Bux Charitable Foundation
  • Desi and Marcus Canning AM
  • Dane Etheridge and Brooke Fowles
  • Robyn Glindemann
  • Warwick Hemsley AO
  • Stefan Hetzel
  • Zoé Lenard and Hamish Milne
  • Jody Lennon and Victoria Henderson
  • Helen Nicholas
  • Plastic Sandwich
  • Véronique Ramén
  • Mariana Eleni Simeon
  • Patti Simpson and Michael Bennett
  • Rob and Lola Wilson
  • Anonymous x1


  • Amy’s Friends
  • Neil Archibald and Alan R. Dodge AM
  • Amy Barrett-Lennard and Michael Levine
  • Sandra Barrett-Lennard
  • James Brown and Kim Mercer
  • Naomi Button
  • Georgia Carter
  • Susanna Castleden
  • Tony Chong
  • Mark Coughlan
  • Abigail Davies
  • Marisa D’Orsogna
  • Penelope Eagle
  • Joanne Farrell
  • Don Fini
  • Kelly Fliedner
  • Elizabeth Fong
  • Franklin Gaffney
  • Minali Gamage
  • Gillian and Stewart Johnson
  • Annabel and Matt Keogh
  • Waldemar Kolbusz
  • Kathleen Kusinski
  • Dr Andrew Lu AM and Dr Geoffrey Lancaster AO
  • Hilary Macdonald
  • Michael and Jo Malone OAM
  • Justin and Amanda Mannolini
  • Allan Miles and Steven Shadwell
  • Rebecca and Gary O’Brien
  • Willy and Mimi Packer
  • Kate Parker
  • Jamie Price and Gillian Gallagher
  • Richard Prunster
  • Sally Richardson
  • Linda and Andy Robb
  • Brad and Libby Ross
  • Bruno Santarelli and Robert van Dieren
  • Kristin Schultz and Mark Parfitt
  • Hermionë Scott and John Clark
  • Ian Smyth
  • Sign Supermarket
  • Richard Stone
  • Sutherland Crisp
  • sweet pea
  • Phil Thick and Paula Rogers
  • Ken and Gemma Wyatt
  • Melvin Yeo and Brigette Sheen
  • Anonymous x1

Donors $200+

  • Mark Beyer
  • Henry Boston
  • Fiona de Garis
  • Chris and Juliet Johnson
  • Rug Junction
  • Vincenzo and Sally Savini
  • Alberto Tassone
  • Ian Yull


Marco D’Orsogna

Commissioners Champion

“Being involved in the Commissioning Fund has been a truly rewarding experience. For me, helping to provide the means to access the essential tools and people for the development of a creative work and then witnessing the result, is exceptionally gratifying. I love the fact that PICA pushes creative boundaries and the result is always surprising, poignant and thoroughly entertaining.”

Mark Clapham

Director’s Circle Champion

“My reason for giving is that PICA is a door opener and I love the fact that it opens doors and supports people at a critical point in their art practice… What I enjoy most about being a donor is creating opportunities for people, taking the financial pressure off the artists and just allowing them to focus on their work, giving them that opportunity to exhibit or perform in a space that they perhaps wouldn’t get the opportunity to do elsewhere.”

Zelinda Bafile

Ambassadors Champion

“I donate to PICA because I value the work of artists and I enjoy playing an active role in supporting their careers. Because of this, I am also an avid collector of Western Australian art. Beyond knowing my contribution makes a tangible difference to the local artistic community, what I love about being a PICA donor is the chance to meet artists and other like-minded supporters in fun social settings, while expanding my knowledge of contemporary art.”

Minali Gamage

Art1000 Champion

“I remember the very moment I knew I wanted to give to PICA and be a part of its journey… It was during a conversation I had with PICA’s Philanthropy Manager where she talked me through all that PICA does with contemporary artists, over what can sometimes be many years, to nurture and support them as they hone their practice and develop as artists and, importantly, as people. This ‘quiet and steady’ approach leading to a relationship with an artist of depth and longevity captivated me and I knew I wanted in.”

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