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Always was, always will be.

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News - 21st of February 2022

Hatched 2022
Artist Announcement

Hatched 2022<br>Artist Announcement

Hatched returns to PICA for its 31st spin around the sun. This highly anticipated group exhibition is a staple in art makers and art lovers’ annual calendars. The reason is simple – Hatched is the only exhibition in the country that offers a national overview of the zeitgeist being set by Australia’s most exciting tertiary art school graduates. From 14 May, 25 of Australia’s most promising emerging artists will take over PICA – Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, filling its galleries to the brim with their most accomplished works to date.

“With every year, Hatched continues to push the boundaries of emerging arts practice, showing the depth of talent and diversity from its artistic cohort. From questions of digital identity and data theft to works made from rendered fish and chip shop fat, the artists included in Hatched 2022 take bold and surprising approaches to their work, thematically and materially. In doing so, they tackle the big questions we are currently facing as a society and respond to the upheavals of our time with humour, grace, and unflinching bravery.” – Miranda Johnson, Hatched Curatorial Fellow.

PICA is proud to announce that our Hatched 2022 artists are;

Susie Althorp (SA)
Nazerul Ben-Dzulkefli (WA)
Emma Bingham (TAS)
Zeth Cameron (VIC)
Lauren Downton (SA)
Shaye Duong (SA)
Remy Faint (NSW)
Georgia Gregory (WA)
Erin Hallyburton (VIC)
Kate Hocking (VIC)
Morgan Hogg (NSW)
Sasha Hunt (NSW)
Tyler Krelle (QLD)
Kyra Mancktelow (QLD)
A Maree, (NT)
Isabel Margot (SA)
Ilona McGuire (WA)
Jacquie Meng (ACT) 
Liv Moriarty (VIC)
Alanna Paxton (VIC)
Dylan Perlowski (NSW)
Dylan Sarra (QLD)
Zoë Sydney (WA)
Chloe Tizzard (VIC)
Phoebe Willis (NSW)

Each year, PICA works with a panel of industry leaders who undertake the difficult task of assessing applications and making the final selection of Hatched artists. This year’s panel, who reviewed 61 nominations, consisted of Rohin Kickett (Artist, Perth), Pilar Mata Dupont, (Artist, Rotterdam), Llewellyn Milhouse (Exhibition Production Designer, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane), and Talia Smith (Artist and Curator, Sydney).

A dynamic range of mediums and practices will be showcased in Hatched 2022 with installation, digital art, and hand-crafted ceramic and textile works taking the forefront this year. Ngugi and Nunukul woman, Kyra Mancktelow (QLD)’s large-scale installation investigates legacies of colonialism, posing important questions such as how we remember and acknowledge Indigenous histories. Her woven sculptural dresses and prints reference the experiences of the Indigenous people of Moongalba, also known as Myora mission, and their cultural resilience and resistance to assimilation.

Noongar artist Ilona McGuire’s (Moombaki, Fremantle Biennale) installation Our Lives and Livelihoods also pays homage to family and cultural connections through the creation of a sanctuary centred on her Great-Grandmother (Poortjetpudjen)’s armchair, a record player playing a compilation of Australian protest anthems, a Brownie Downing plate, ANZAC biscuit and a solvent-transfer handmade newspaper. More recently Ilona’s work Moombaki at Fremantle Biennale saw 70,000 people gather throughout Perth to watch 160 drones in choreographed flight, telling the stories of Whadjuk Country.

In 2022, PICA celebrates 31 years of supporting emerging artists at that critical post-art school stage, through its Hatched National Graduate Show. Since establishing Hatched in 1992 PICA, has worked with generations of makers and watched many of them establish themselves as leading artists with enduring practices.

Hatched would not be possible without the generous support of its ART1000 donors and Major Exhibitions Partner the Minderoo Foundation. In addition to exhibition support, the Minderoo partnership has enabled the creation of a three-year Hatched Curatorial Fellowship which is currently held by the inaugural Hatched Curatorial Fellow, Miranda Johnson.

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