At PICA we recognise that we are situated within the unceded lands of the Whadjuk people of the Noongar Nation. We pay our respects and offer our gratitude to Elders past and present, and to those emerging leaders in the community. We acknowledge all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the importance of their care and continued connection to culture, community and Country.

Always was, always will be.

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The seats‚ I know it’s unlikely there’s anything you can do but they are ungodly.

Patron feedback, Unheimlich, 2021

No Numb Bums

Help us ease numb bums!
🍑 #PICANoNumbBums

You sat, suffered, and spoke, and we have listened. We’re finally upgrading the notorious, “ungodly” seats in our Performance Space — but we need your help. 

For many years now, our seats have inspired pleas for help, expressions of extreme discomfort and suggestions that perhaps the excruciating pain is, in fact, part of the performance. (An intriguing thought, but it’s not.)  


sore bums

comfy bums

So far, we have raised $31,660 from a target of $60,000

Ways you can help us get soft seats 

The era of comfy bums at PICA is coming. Put your money where your bum is and usher in a new dawn of soft seats. 

For a $1,000 a seat you can turn numb bums into comfy ones. To say thank you and recognise your generous contribution to the much-needed comfort of PICA patrons, we’ll add your name* to our new soft seats. Or get a group together and have fun debating what to call your shared seat. 

Donate an amount of your choosing, and your name will be celebrated on our website**, and, of course, in the hearts (and bums) of all who shall ever sit in the PICA Performance Space. 

Thank you to our donors

Comfy bums and soft seats are brought to you by the generous souls listed below. Join us in making numb bums a pain of the past. 

Austral Fisheries
Melvin Yeo & Brigette Sheen
Robyn Glindemann
Meleta Jones
Wembley Gallery
Mike Snell

Simon & Jenny Creek, HHG Legal Group
Minali Gamage
Kelly Fliedner
David Geoffrey Hall
Ted Snell & Mary Moore
John Snell

Mark Clapham
Georgia Malone
Tarryn Gill
Richard Stone
Jillian Gill
Hawker Watts
Bella Snell
James Brown

David & Jenny Martin
Sweet Pea Arts
Hamish Milne & Zoé Lenard
The Rechabite
pvi collective
Mark Ellis

*All chosen seat names will be included at PICA’s discretion. So, please be kind and respectful of our patrons when picking the name that represents you. 

**Amounts over $100 will be acknowledged on our website for five years.

Video: No Numb Bums, 2022, featuring past PICA performers Grace Chow, Jeffrey Jay Fowler, Ella Hetherington, Jacinta Larcombe, Sarah Nelson and Renee Newman, videography & editing: Edwin Sitt, sound: Aref Rashidan