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News - 9th of September 2022

PICA announces an international residency exchange with Taipei & Singapore

PICA announces an international residency exchange with Taipei & Singapore

The Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) is proud to launch the inaugural Asia Pacific Exchange Program with Taipei Artist Village (Taiwan) and Grey Projects (Singapore).

This collaborative multi-year program will see two Western Australian artists travel to Asia for an eight-week artist residency with our international partners each year. In exchange, PICA will host an international artist from both Taiwan and Singapore.

The residency will include studio visits, open studios, and other presentation opportunities in each hosting country. It also covers accommodation, artist workspace, return airfares and a daily stipend. In 2023, the exchange will take place between April and June.

The exchange enables artists from Western Australia, Taiwan, and Singapore to expand their networks, form connections, and develop and pursue their practices while engaging closely with local arts communities and institutions.

As we continue to deepen our relationships within South East and East Asia, PICA is excited to be developing contemporary arts practice through ongoing artistic exchanges in the region.

“PICA is committed to supporting artists at all stages of their career and providing space to develop their practice. The exchange will not only offer opportunities here at PICA, but we will facilitate collaborations and connections with our regional neighbours,” said PICA Acting Director Georgia Malone.

“We look forward to seeing the outcomes of the exchange program over the coming years and ensuring a sustainable arts ecology for Western Australian artists.”

Residency Exchange partner, Taipei Artist Village Director Catherine Lee said: “Taipei City and the City of Perth have been sister cities since 1999. In recent years, the two cities have exchanged stories and perspectives through visual and performing arts.”

“In 2019, the two cities co-presented the exhibition Unfolding Acts at PICA to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the sister city relationship.

“Taipei Artist Village is very pleased to have this tripartite agreement with long-term partner Grey Projects in Singapore and PICA to jointly support artists to experience art in each other’s cities.”

Applications are now open to WA artists for residencies in Taipei and Singapore between 24 April to 18 June 2023. Applications close 7 October 2022.

The successful recipients will be announced in November 2022.

Media Enquiries

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Sam Leung
Communications Manager
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About the Asia Pacific Exchange Program Partners

Grey Projects (Singapore)

Established in 2008, Grey Projects is a space and platform for exhibition, exchange, residency, and publication. The programming focuses on residency and exchange, publication, as well as exhibition but is also looking for art experiments, design propositions, new writing, and curatorial practices.

Located in Tiong Bahru, a public housing estate in Singapore known for its architecturally distinctive flats, the space includes two galleries, a library, a working studio, and a live-in residence. Grey Projects is looking to be a lively contribution to this estate, but more than that, it aims to be a place where we gather people and make things happen together.

Grey Projects

Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (Western Australia)

Over its more than 30-year history, PICA has been both a producing and presenting organisation, delivering an annual program of changing exhibitions, seasons in contemporary dance, experimental theatre, new music and live art as well as a range of artist in residence programs.

Its programs are crafted to ensure connections are forged not only between artists and audiences but across art forms, cultures, and geographies. For artists, audiences, and the other communities it serves, PICA is a source of inspiration, a resource, a meeting and gathering place, a provocateur and most importantly a partner in the realisation of big and new ideas, and a site for challenging and timely conversations.

Taipei Artist Village (Taiwan)

Established in 2001, Taipei Artist Village (TAV) is a place where artists create and live, promoting exchange in Taiwan and abroad and enhancing interaction with the local community.

Through its artist-in-residence program, TAV allows artists from both Taiwan and abroad to interact with the local community, integrating the special character of Taipei City and serving as a bridge between different cultures, fulfilling the social responsibilities of art. With studios and accommodation for Taiwanese and international artists, this is a place where cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary forces collide and meld, generating artistic energy.

Taipei Artist Village