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News - 4th of April 2016

Q & A with Studio Artist Shaun Prior

Q & A with Studio Artist Shaun Prior


We had a chat with current Studio Artist Shaun Prior ahead of the Open Studio Night at PICA, Tuesday 5 April. Have a look about what he had to say about his practice, his studio project and the relationship between poetry and visual art:


How would you describe the work you’re currently undertaking in your residency?
I’ve been jumping between various mediums, trying to find interesting visual and symbolic languages with which to talk about the complexities of sexuality, masculinity, and the body. Motifs from art history, religion, and childhood inform these works.


How does this project fit into your broader practice?
I love taking on the role of performer in my work, but for my studio residency I’ve tried to step back a little and let the other components of my practice shine on their own.


What is appealing to you about the relationship between poetry and visual art?
For a very long time poetry and visual art were two distinctly separate spheres in my brain, spheres that began to magnetically draw closer to one another. I now recognize that these two creative forms are the linked arms of one big river.


Could you tell us a little about your interest in exploring masculinity?
I want to poke masculinity. And perhaps redefine it, to be much more kind, and positive, and more inclusive for strange males like me.


How are you finding your residency at PICA?
Rewarding. My practice went in directions I didn’t really expect, and I’ve learnt a lot about myself.


Are there any artists or writers you have found particularly influential recently?
The Australian artist Andrew Nicholls.

The world-renowned, Oscar winning, H.R.Giger.

The brilliant poet and writer Maya Angela.

The mysterious figure who wrote the Tao Te Ching 2600 years ago, Lao Tzu.
Are there any current exhibitions you’ve recently seen that you would recommend?
RYAN TRECARTIN!!!!!! (Ryan Trecartin 6 Movies At the Art Gallery of Western Australia, 31 January – 8 May 2016)

Read more about Shaun’s work here, and don’t forget to come down to the Open Studio Night on Tuesday 5 April from 6pm to have a chat to Shaun and the other studio artists about their residency experiences.



Top image: Shaun Prior, A Romance. Courtesy of and copyright the artist.
Shaun Prior, pictured.