Andrew Nicholls

Artist in Residence | 15 January - 8 April

Local artist, Andrew Nicholls is primarily known for his ink drawings that reference Victorian woodcuts and engraving to allude to that era’s strict moral principles, sexual repression and overt sentimentality. At PICA, he will begin developing a series of short digital video works mimicking the aesthetic sensibility of early special-effects cinema, in the style of Melies and Christensen. Andrew will use the PICA studio to extend his ink drawings into stylised film sets referencing historical depictions of heaven, hell and the underwater realm. The completed works will feature in the group exhibition pink (5 July – 15 August).

  • Artist
  • Andrew Nicholls
  • Location

    Studio One

  • Studio Open Day

    Sunday 18 February, 2007

  • Studio Open to the Public

    29 March – 8 April, 2007