Show Character

31 December - 20 December

To ‘show character’ or to be a ‘person of character’ is perhaps meaningless in a world where the thoughts and actions of any individual can be readily uploaded and disseminated at` any given moment. One character becomes as ubiquitous as the next.

Guest Curator Jonah Dames has brought together a group of Australian artists at various points in their careers, whose works in the show try to describe the fleeting idea of character. The result is a diverse array of drawings, prints, sculptures, installation and video works that will be shown in PICA’s Westend Gallery.

  • Artists
  • Anonymous
  • Berri Flecke
  • Tom Freeman
  • Lee Longley
  • Louise Morrison & Matt Dickmann
  • Tony Nathan
  • Guest Curator
    Jonah Dames

  • Location

    Westend Gallery

  • Dates

    31 October – 20 December, 2009

  • Exhibition Opening

    Friday 30 October, 2009