A Digital Now
08 May 2013

A Digital Now

Illustrated Lecture | 8 May

Responding to the digital climate of today, Michele Willson will present an illustrated lecture expanding upon the concerns of a number of Hatched works which explore the effect of the internet and the digital reign of technology. Following PICA’s recent guest speaker series, this lecture will examine the intersection of artwork, culture and theory.

Michele Willson Bio:
Associate Professor Michele Willson is the Head of the Department of Internet Studies at Curtin University; one of the oldest internet studies departments in the world. Her research explores engagements with and through technologies and how these influence our understanding of ourselves, our social relations and social practices. She is also interested in the ways in which the affordances and constraints of these technologies – their coding, infrastructure, interface design, for example – play a role in these considerations. She is the author of various publications on these topics, including the book, Technically Together: Rethinking Community within Techno-Society.

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