A Slice of Light
08 - 09 August 2009

A Slice of Light

Helen Sky & Collaborators | 8 - 9 August

A Slice of Light reveals the challenges and possibilities that digital interactive performance offers to the performer, composer and designers, exploring the audience’s reception of non-linear interactive digital performance.
Garth Paine (UWS), Paul Bourke (UWA), Brandon Hur (Melbourne) and Hellen Sky will adapt audiovisual environments to the architecture of PICA. Part installation, part performance and part lecture, Sky and her collaborators invite you to take a peek into their research and processes involved in the design and performance of their ongoing interactive hybrid work.
A Slice of Light illuminates the inner workings of designing and embodying the human computer system developed for interactive performance/installation during the stage one research for The Darker Edge of Night. Bio data from brain waves, muscles and breath, generate evocative sound worlds in real time and live camera feeds transform the body into virtual scapes projected onto surfaces inside PICA.
Performing in this human computer system, Sky actually and metaphorically attempts to inhabit the complexity and the nature of being live in real-time in the 21st century. Poetic and paradoxical texts, virtual and physical worlds slide between the domestic to the large-scale features of human life, to the vast expanse of the universe as interconnected system. A priori: the essence is movement – patterns of ever changing movement.

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