Adam Geczy
17 June - 02 August 2009

Adam Geczy


Evoking 60s and 70s video art, Adam Geczy’s Concerts explores themes of collaboration, friendship, contemplation and empathy through music. These two video works involve two of Geczy’s friends and collaborators, Peter Sculthorpe, Australia’s foremost living composer and Mike Parr, one of the nation’s leading conceptual artists. One work depicts Geczy being taught a sonata for the left hand (Parr has no left hand); the other shows Sculthorpe in the private process of musical imagining in composition – here on themes from his seventeenth string quartet composed on the theme of friendship. Described as the ‘consummate videographic creation’ by leading art writer John Conomos, this enthralling and resonant installation by one of Australia’s most thought-provoking and inquiring artists is ‘a clarion call to the importance of ideas, dialogue, history and politics in art’.

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