Andrew Sunley Smith
06 December 2007 - 27 January 2008

Andrew Sunley Smith

Migratory Projects: The drive out cinema

Andrew Sunley Smith’s Migratory Projectscomprise a series of large-scale cross-disciplinary works that engage a wide range of skills and techniques that all focus on various notions of ‘direct experience’. Filmed in three countries over two years, this work is presented as a ‘triptych’ for the first time at PICA and explores the cultural anxiety that exists in the relationship between consumer objects and the environment. The installation at PICA sees the entire Westend gallery filled with three different types of earth generating a direct visceral and real quality – quite literally ‘grounding’ the mesmerising films. During the exhibition this material may gradually become mixed and blended under foot by the movement of individuals viewing and entering the work. Informed by the enduring experience of his migration from the North of England to Australia (and many consequent moves since then), Sunley Smith is fascinated with the turbulence and displacement of migration, and the creation of comfort and familiarity in unknown landscapes and cultural environments.

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