Brendan van Hek
12 February - 05 April 2009

Brendan van Hek

A Certain Slant of Light | 12 February - 5 April

Is truth eternal or is it just a product of its circumstance and a moment in time? Nationally recognised WA artist Brendan van Hek brings great American poet Emily Dickinson together with inventor of the lie detector (polygraph) William Moulton Marstan and his comic-book character Wonder Woman in a major new installation. A Certain Slant of Light is a meditation on the complexities and instability of ‘truth’. Consisting of a constellation of neon light works where the innate nature of the materials – gas and light – evoke senses of intangibility, impermanence and transformation, A Certain Slant of Light touches upon the uniqueness of every individual’s experience of the world.

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