Crash Course
14 - 30 November 2013

Crash Course

James Berlyn | 14 - 30 November

Picking up the pieces after a life-changing event is never easy. Here at Crash Course you are in good hands. With over twenty-five years teaching experience, our instructors gently guide you through the process of rebuilding.
Life is a crash course. Places are limited.
Crash Course is a participatory theatre experience that takes the form of an immersive language class. You have endured an unspecified trauma and lost your language. Your teacher, Jakebo, is here to help you put the pieces back together. An unexpected twist leads to an unruly classroom experience where you must decide, fight or flight, sink or swim.
Created and performed by the champion of intimate theatre, James Berlyn (Tawdry Heartburn’s Manic Cures, Sydney Festival and Perth International Arts Festival).

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