24 - 27 February 2016


Ahilan Ratnamohan | 24 - 27 February, 2016

Three athletes meet in a late night, never-ending training session. A form of non-competitive competition unfolds before the audience. Sweaty machismo gets a poetic makeover as sprinting, jumping, turning, pivoting, falling and accelerating merge in an indefinable training sequence which revels in an exhausted euphoria.
Drill is an exploration of the choreographic potential of athletic movement and training; an attempt to transcend all human athletic capabilities, in a non-spectacular, practical fashion.
Creator and performer Ahilan Ratnamohan is a performance-maker inspired by sport, film and language. A former semi-professional soccer player, his work is well-renowned in Australia and Europe and combines sporting skill and physicality with the grace and fluidity of contemporary dance. Drill is his fourth exploration of sport and art in theatre and was first developed in a residency at PICA in 2013. Drill is the third presentation of Ahil’s unique combination of movement and sport here at PICA.


Spark_Lab Partner School Curtain Raiser – Friday 26 February

In 2015, Ahil worked extensively with the students of PICA’s Spark_Lab Learning Program partner school, Warnbro Community High School, in a series of workshops combining sport and movement. These workshops inspired select students to create a short sequence that will be performed before the show on Friday 26 February.

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