Erin Coates
Resident Artists/
27 October 2008 - 18 January 2009

Erin Coates

Artist in Residence | 27 October 08 - 18 January 09

Erin Coates explores the way public space is produced, occupied and visualised. Her sculptural objects are drawn from the material lexicon of the built environment – specifically structures in the public domain that are designed to regulate the movement and behaviour of people. This work focuses on the relationship between the body and public space and particularly examines the way space is designed to encourage certain behaviours through the use of devices such as street furniture and the presence of security cameras. This installation integrates the objects we encounter in public environment such as: fencing, barriers, bollards and benches. However in this instance their designs are curiously flawed and illogical and are strangely reminiscent of B-grade sci-fi props.

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