From Afar on a Hill
06 - 10 October 2015

From Afar on a Hill

Company Upstairs | 6 - 10 October


From Afar On A Hill is a participatory performance work exploring global issues of citizenship, immigration, privilege and collective responsibility. With a refugee crisis currently sweeping Europe and the issue of asylum seekers dividing Australians for so many years, this couldn’t be more timely.
Upon entering the performance space, audience members are immersed in a process of interrogation before being gently guided to the position of adjudicator. Three dancers and one live sound performer then put the challenge to the seated audience who become enmeshed in the outcome as a result of their responses.
PICA is thrilled to be premiering this major work by prominent WA performance-maker and choreographer Bianca Martin created in collaboration with a celebrated team of contemporary performance makers including Rhiannon Newton, Bernadette Lewis and Chris Cobilis.

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