From The Rubble
16 - 28 March 2015

From The Rubble

16 - 28 March, 2015

Presented by Perth Theatre Company in association with PICA



Exploding the boundaries of theatre, From the Rubble is a unique multi-artform piece inspired by Perth’s own Walkley Award winning journalist Sophie McNeill.

Director Melissa Cantwell uses the evocative images embedded in Sophie’s work to offer a glimpse into the lives of civilians in conflict zones. Exploring themes of displacement, transformation and hope, From the Rubble tells compelling personal stories that find joy in the resilience and ingenuity of women the world over.

Witness PICA’s Performance Space transformed into an immersive world, created by visual artist Fleur Elise Noble and a team of Perth innovators, incorporating drawing, animation, film, sculpture, live performance and puppetry.

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