Give Me a Reason to Live
02 - 05 March 2016

Give Me a Reason to Live

Claire Cunningham | 2 - 5 March, 2016

Inspired by the work of Medieval Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch, Give Me A Reason To Live is a powerful solo taking the form of a series of tests.

Claire Cunningham pushes her mind and body to its limit in a breathtaking, physically demanding work about stigma, faith, fear and the search for compassion.

With a sound score crafted by Zoe Irvine, Give Me A Reason To Live is choreographed and performed by Cunningham and features her own haunting version of one of J.S. Bach’s chorale cantatas. This mesmerising work is a statement on our judgement of the human body and a study in the notion of empathy.

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