I'm Your Man
24 - 27 July 2013

I'm Your Man

Created by Roslyn Oades | 24 - 27 July, 2013

You enter a boxing gym: place of dreams, of glory, of a better life. The walls are covered in inspirational quotes, bodies are in constant motion and minds are elsewhere. The stakes are high. A sweaty, energy-fuelled study of a contemporary masculine drama, I’m Your Man situates audiences in the moment, at the centre of the action.
For 18 months theatre-maker Roslyn Oades and her trusty tape recorder followed a determined young boxer from Bankstown through his preparations for a world-title fight. I’m Your Man is the story of who she met along the way: past legends, up-and-comers and failed contenders whose lives have been irreversibly changed by the fight game. Behind this thrilling, brutal sport lies a compelling tale of courage and its cost.

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