20 - 30 June 2007


pvi collective

pvi’s elite good citizenry taskforce hits suburbia.
In a city dominated by the car, local artist group pvi collective invite you to belt up, tune in and join the ‘loyal citizens underground’ on a road trip into Perth’s sprawling urban growth as they mount a door knocking campaign on suburban surveillance. From dog fouling to drag racing, illegal parking to illegal immigrants, water wasting to vandalized street trees, the lcu will tackle head-on issues that are bubbling beneath the surface and inform on all ‘bad habits’ to the appropriate authorities. Inform, is a unique live performance event combined with radio broadcast for a small audience to witness from the comfort of their cars. Follow the broadcast in convoy as it parks up on a different suburban street each night. An intimate sonic and visual journey, inform casts a cynical eye over a nation being urged to abandon its anti dobbing traditions in favour of a culture of suspicion over the back-yard fence. Everybody needs good neighbours…

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