Jacqueline Ball - Making Caves
Resident Artists/
25 February - 07 April 2013

Jacqueline Ball – Making Caves

Artist in Residence | 25 Feb - 7 April

Jacqueline Ball’s work explores the ways in which tactility and form can be expressed through photography. Ball casts ambiguous sculptures from gritty, organic materials and uses light and camera lenses as mediators between the sculpture and final photographs. Attracted to the ways in which light, depth of field, texture and arrangement can be manipulated, Ball’s photographs convert three-dimensional objects into a series of images that share relationships and a sense of post-apocalyptic decay. The structural uncertainty of the sculptural forms results in images of objects neither distinctly natural nor artificial.

During her residency, Ball will work on different scales, experiment with new ways to use sculptural materials, and devise solutions to compositional and visual problems. By creating new images from larger sculptures with an increased depth of field, she will develop new works with an intensified sense of passing time and future collapse.

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