Jenn Garland (WA)
Resident Artists/
21 February - 16 April 2017

Jenn Garland (WA)

Artist in Residence | 21 February - 16 April

Jenn Garland is a Fremantle based artist with a social science background. Her interest in researching human-environment interactions permeates her artworks, particularly her fascination with the competing systems of knowledge and subjective histories that surround the natural world. During her PICA residency, Garland aims to visualise a trashed utopian dream, exploring the sides of society that are frightening yet beautiful.
Garland will create mixed-media artworks which simulate places in the process of being ‘unmade’ and returning to landscape. This involves using post-industrial abandoned sites in Australia as inspiration for an immersive multi-sensory landscape of sampled sounds, found objects and optical illusion. Concerned with the relationship between memory and materiality, these works will approximate places reclaimed by the chaos of nature. Their decay releases memories of abandoned futures: they are pluritemporal landscapes.

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