Jia-Jen Lin (Taiwan/New York)
Resident Artists/
10 September - 19 December 2010

Jia-Jen Lin (Taiwan/New York)

Artist in Residence | 10 September - 19 December

Taiwanese artist Jia-Jen Lin will be using the residency to explore the process of an exchange in a foreign city through examination of the variations of culture; through collected imagery, life style, daily observation, and use of space through architecture as well as natural environment. This residency will further develop Lin’s investigation into the relationship between the material world and the physical sensations of the human body, through sculpture, video, installation, performance and photography.
Jia-Jen Lin is interested in the psychological distance between artificial life and our physical sensations. Through collecting, modifying, and representing information and materials from our daily life, she will explore a series of works integrating sculpture, performance, and digital media. Open to new input to develop her working methods during the residency at PICA, Jia-Jen will investigate the displacement and interexchange roles of objects, the human body, our natural environment and urban settings.

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