Kieren Stewart
Resident Artists/
29 October 2007 - 27 January 2008

Kieren Stewart

Artist in Residence | 29 Oct 07 - 27 Jan 08

In recent times we work under the banners of company logos and trademarks, heralds of many a workforce that are now mostly nameless and faceless. Globally, a better part of the world’s population struggles to earn what is seen to be an adequate living. As the cost of basic needs rise, the desires of the multitude build exponentially in a strange and disproportionate equation. Continuous advances towards horizons that are greater than any individual are changing the landscape of achievement for all of us. Now, progress seemingly happens for the sake of advancement, while actions are undertaken without any care for eventual outcomes. Over the duration of Kieran Stewart’s studio residency, he will create and exhibit a new series of works that touch on our contemporary push for perpetual achievement without climax. This production will utilise video projections, performance, installation and photographic imagery.

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