Laura Moore
Resident Artists/
25 February - 17 March 2013

Laura Moore

National Portrait Gallery ID Photographic Award Residency | 25 Feb - 17 Mar

During her residency at PICA, Laura Moore will further develop her work in photographic portraits, having progressed from portraits of schoolchildren on the verge of change to time-lapse videos inspired by Edward Hopper. In Window, a woman seated next to an upstairs window remains motionless as sunlight dawns and hours pass. Making reference to the ways in which Impressionists such as Degas depicted women as confined to domesticity, Moore also discovered sunlight as an indication of the passing of time.

Moore will continue her exploration into the use of sunlight in portraiture through both video and photography, bringing together human forms from different stages of development and the scars and marks that define them as being in a state of constant change. During her time in Perth, she has observed a difference in the sun’s intensity, and is in the process of developing a series of ‘suntrail’ photographs using a purpose-built pinhole camera. By creating single images of 9 hour units of time on film and using a time lapse video technique, she challenges society’s preoccupation with capturing individual moments in time.

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