Lichun Tseng | Beyond the beyond
Resident Artists/
22 August - 30 October 2011

Lichun Tseng | Beyond the beyond

Artist in Residence | 22 August - 30 October

Lichun Tseng is an artist from Taiwan who lives and works in the Netherlands. She is interested in the existential capacity of art and her residency project, Beyond the beyond will explore time, existence and space through local collaborations and new site specific works.

Take part in the 100 questions project

100 questions is a project the artist started in 2008. In it, people are invited to write down 100 questions which are important to them or their lives. They are asked to write the questions continuously in their native language. To date, the project has been carried out in Italy, the Netherlands and Finland, and continues in different places and with different people that the artist meets during her travels. The process of writing is documented by filming and collecting the hand-writing. “Do people need to question their lives?” is the final question underpinning the work. The important part of this project is for people to take part and experience the process of thinking in order to shape and write down their own 100 important questions. What will emerge during the writing process? What will you experience? It is only when you try to do it, and concentrate as you go through it, that you will know.

“Will I be able to ask myself 100 questions?” was the first question from one of the project’s participants, in Puglia, Italy. Will you be able to ask yourself 100 questions?

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