Logue Lake
Resident Artists/
12 December 2022 - 07 January 2023
Performance Space


Logue Lake

Geordie Crawley & Elise Wilson

Logue Lake is a queer cabin-in-the-woods horror exploring authenticity, the subconscious, and queer identity. Utilising low-power FM radio transmitters, each character has their own assigned FM radio station. With it, you can listen in – switch between – and follow each character’s conversations, thoughts, and personalised soundtrack. Staged in the round – audiences can roam around the cabin facade, peeking into the characters’ lives. 

Logue Lake draws inspiration from classic horror films like The Thing (1982) and from modern social commentary horrors like It Follows (2014)Video games like Her Story (2015)  – a crime fiction game with non-linear storytelling, have also influenced the work. 

For this development at PICA, we will be refining, building and testing the FM technology. Like a game developer letting people try early beta levels of their game, we invite audiences to come into the space to test, trial and interact with the story unfolding. Over our three-week development, there will be six work-in-progress showings, and we are inviting you to help us shape its future form.

Showing Times

Saturday 17 December, 11am & 3pm
Friday 23 December, 11am & 3pm
Saturday 7 January, 11am & 3pm (full)


Registrations are now closed

Please complete the form below to register your attendance. 24-hours prior to the showing you will receive a confirmation email providing further instruction. Attendance is subject to availability and is accepted on a first response basis. 

Special Instructions

  • You will be asked to use a handheld radio throughout the showing.
  • Where possible, please provide your own corded headphones (wireless ones will not work). We will have a few available at the showing if you don’t own any.
  • Comfy shoes are recommended.
  • Please note: there will be elements of horror associated with the showing.
  • Content warnings include adult themes, references to drug taking, coarse language, and mild violence.
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