Louise Hubbard
07 February - 30 March 2008

Louise Hubbard

Hack Work | 7 february - 30 March

Hack Work is a series of episodes in the systematic training of a three centimetre finely moulded rubber horse. The horse is subjected to horrific acts of control and duress, measure and fitness as its body is variously hurled, pulled, squashed and dropped into a field of obstacles. The action is manipulated from behind the camera and played out on a table top using office and school supplies as agents of institutional accountancy-ruler, set square, Blu-tac, White-out, Scotch Tape, Scotch Whiskey. Relentless tugging affects the horse’s shape and balance as it deforms, at times pulling it into flatness or rendering it indistinguishable. The horse’s tensile nature is exploited in various spatial fields as it completes each ‘show trial’ in continuous time. In some episodes real time appears to be thickened and slowed into space.

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