Louise Paramor
06 July - 06 August 2006

Louise Paramor

A Bunch of Flowers | 6 July - 6 August

A Bunch of Flowers is an exhibition of two recent bodies of work from WA trained artist, Louise Paramor. Comprising paper collages of glossy calendar girl images blown up to billboard size, and constructions of found plastic objects sourced from domestic and industrial sources, the exhibition ‘jams’ together two distinct focal points for the artist. In a quirky and confounding way. There is a sense of the extremely playful yet utterly serious, with a conglomeration of colour and form providing an intense visual experience.In this exhibition we discover hula hoops, milk crates, chicks, cars, rocking horses, bay baths, stools, shelving, abstract collage, bikinis, high heels an a sun lounge. This seemingly disparate collection puts an immediate question to us: How are we to approach the hybrid nature of its composition? Is there hidden logic to its assembly, or are we presented with an assortment of expressions, each in flight from the others, that scatter in all directions?

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