Lucy Kumara Moore
Resident Artists/
17 January - 03 April 2011

Lucy Kumara Moore

Artist in Residence | 17 January - 3 April

During her PICA residency Lucy will research and make a film which uses the salt lakes on Rottnest Island and at Lake Macleod, near Canarvon as a starting point. She is interested in the convergence of disparate concerns and experiential states that might be inferred from these particular environments – economic and industrial concerns in the mining activity that occurs at the Dampier Salt mine at Lake Macleod; the ambitions of those who attempt to break land speed records on these flat terrains; the intensification of tastes which salt produces; the disturbance of the ‘self’ which occurs in desert-like landscapes; and the illusory mirroring which happens when the lakes flood. Salt lakes are at once places invested with economic and commercial value and environments conducive to less easily evaluated sensorial experiences of speed, taste and disorientation. This multiplicity is what Lucy would like to try and capture in the film.

Alongside making the film, Lucy Moore will use the studio to continue to make collages, photographs and objects. These might be related directly to the film or be continuations of series of works she has already begun.

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