Audible Edge: Field Recording & Electronic Composition Masterclass
27 January 2019

Audible Edge: Field Recording & Electronic Composition Masterclass

France Jobin | 27 January

Facilitated by renowned minimalist composer and sound artist France Jobin, this two-day workshop will immerse participants in the composition of music using field recordings and different sound processing techniques.

Day 1: Listening & recording
Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, 10am
Participants will explore the urban environment through sound walks and recording. Recording techniques both conventional and unconventional will be used in order to facilitate new ways of listening to the environment and considering how and why to capture sounds for use in composition. Jobin will also discuss how the recording process itself can facilitate a deeper connection to place, self and others.
Day 2: Processing & composing
Artsource Old Customs House, 10am
Jobin will discuss her own process of manipulating and assembling sounds into compositions. Both technical and conceptual aspects of the processing and composition stage will be discussed, and participants will work on generating short studies to share and discuss with the group.

Requirements: Please bring your best pair of headphones, a recording device (lo-fi gear is fine) and a laptop.
Participation cost: Free, but EOIs to are essential.

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