Matthew Doust | Animosity
Resident Artists/
09 October - 17 December 2006

Matthew Doust | Animosity

Artist in Residence | 9 Oct - 17 Dec

During his PICA residency, Perth artist Matthew Doust will focus on the ‘stripping’ down of the female form by using extreme light and dense tone to explore the ‘original’ truth of individuality. Working from still poses, Doust’s work will be displayed as mid-sized drawings placed together like wallpaper – a connection of single frames to create the illusion of movement. Armed with charcoal, oil, paper and canvas, the artist hopes to reveal the reality of beauty behind the pressures of an extreme materialistic world. ‘My main aim is to confront the viewer with a daunting perception of what is our most uncomfortable. This is my reality of beauty.’

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