04 - 08 February 2014


SUMMER NIGHTS | 4-8 February, 2014

The abandoned baby of verbatim and documentary theatre, commercial news broadcast and dogme95 films.
Please enjoy the truly true story of a small boy spending his days chained to a lamp post outside his parent’s one-room slum somewhere between Shanghai and Lockridge.
It’s a show about the poverty. Bekoz you love the poverty. It fetishizes the poverty bekoz you love the fetish. We’ve made the poverty a commodity. If tickets are $1000 the show would be a luxury commodity. Like a Porsche or a diamond.
Will any funds made off the play go to charity to help the boy or others like him? They won’t but if you pretend they are then you feel good. Do you feel good if you pretend? See you feel bad about the poverty but you feel good about feeling bad about the poverty, and even more good about feeling. So it’s working already.
WINNER St Martins National Playwriting Award 2010

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