Old Skool (never lose that feeling)
06 December 2007 - 02 January 2008

Old Skool (never lose that feeling)

6 December 07 - 27 January 08

A response to the rise of old skool styling in our contemporary culture, this interdisciplinary exhibition brings together nine Australian artists each critically examining of old skool stylings and personal implications. In the here and now, old skool rules aspects of skating (thanks to films such as Dogtown and Z-boys and Concrete Wave magazine); music (bands like Interpol are channelling Joy Division and Echo and the Bunnymen); and contemporary art (some of Australia’s most celebrated artists have been occupying themselves with the stuff of their youth). Old Skool (never lose that feeling) investigates the productivity of old skool formations to generate fan-based practices, products and personae while highlighting local subcultures and trends through works that explore art, music, film and fashion.

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