Olga Cironis & Minaxi May
Resident Artists/
12 October - 20 December 2009

Olga Cironis & Minaxi May

Artists in Residence | 12 October - 20 December

During their residency Olga Cironis and Minaxi May will collaborate combining their interests in a wide range of themes including identity, history, popular culture and the everyday. Using established techniques such as wrapping (but with a contemporary twist) Cironis and May will combine collected objects and modern materials – objects from the everyday that are otherwise discarded to create sculptures and installations. In this instance the artists’ envision the use of glass objects including bowls, vases and ashtrays, possibly plastic homewares and industrial waste to create wall and floor installations and assemblages. With an emphasis on playful process and colour, a keen sense for texture, design and aesthetic arrangement they will create experiental environments of colour, form and pattern. Additionally, during this residency Cironis and May plan to diversify and develop their shared interest in new media by exploring the possibilities of video art.

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