Perth Zine Collective
Resident Artists/
03 September - 31 October 2011

Perth Zine Collective

3 September - 31 October

Zines (pronounced zeen) are self-published, non-commercial publications. They may contain art, essays, autobiographical writing, fiction, articles, recipes, comics, reviews, and many other genres, often exploring perspectives and subject matter not touched on by mainstream media. They are cheaply reproduced, handmade, and are either swapped or sold for a few dollars to cover costs. Typewriters, long-arm staplers, photocopiers, scissors and glue are common zinemaking tools.
The Perth Zine Collective is a not-for-profit group keeping the zine culture flame burning in Western Australia. They stock and distribute zines both at local events and online, and hold zine-making workshops with free use of long-armed staplers, old magazines, and typewriters. Throughout the Collective’s residency the Reading Room will house a zine library built from milk crates, as well as a space for members of the public to create and distribute their own zines.

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